Our History

Where It All Began | Our Promise To Our Clients

It all began in 1980, when Karl Cosgrave came back to Dunshaughlin and took over the only Veterinary practice in this small rural town in Co. Meath. At the time Dunshaughlin was an agricultural area and a lot of the work that was done, was related to cattle work. Over the years, family pets became a much bigger part of the Veterinary practice.

Charles and Julianne, Karl's children, were both fortunate enough to study Veterinary in UCD. Charles spent time in a Small Animal Hospital in Limerick before going to the UK where he worked in an Orthopaedic referral hospital and also in an Opthalmology (eyes) referral hospital. Charles came back to Ireland in 2003 and is now based in the Dunboyne surgery and helps out in both the Dunshaughlin and Ashbourne Surgeries when needed. His main area of interest is Opthalmology (the medicine and surgery of eyes). He has 2 goats (Margaret & Mary), 2 donkeys (Billy & Bobby), 2 sheep (Mavis & Doris), 2 calves (Ruby & Stokes that are growing fast) and a rescue horse called Kitty. 

Julianne also studied in UCD and following graduation, spent time in a multi location practice in Northern Ireland before returning home. During this time, Julianne developed an interest in Canine reproduction and was involved in cutting edge advancements within this area. Julianne returned home in 2005 and is now based in Cabra Veterinary Hospital. She is also involved in the Clonsilla and Sandyford surgeries. Julianne is now studying for a Certificate in Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery. Outside of work, she is kept very busy with her two dogs, Robin and Bobo, often seen around the place - generally lying on the floor!!

All pets are seen as family members. No matter how big or small their problem is, we have the experience and love of animals that can help you through it all. Even if your pets doesn't have a reason to visit us, come in and see us and see our facilities, see what we do and where we do it..... we are very proud of the work we do!



Our Promise To All Our Clients.

​When looking for a veterinary practice, it can be hard to differentiate one practice​ from another. You always hope that you make the correct decision rather than risk your pets health​.

We could tell you how great we are and bamboozle you with lists of all the fancy equipment we have and complicated procedures we can do​. Instead we have five promises that we adhere to each and every day for our clients and their pets​.

We promise to:

  1. Understand how important your pet is to you and your family.
  2. Always treat your pet the same way we would if they were our own pet.
  3. ​Provide you with clear & honest communication, at all times, about your pets health.
  4. Be open and transparent about the decisions we make and the reasons behind those decisions.
  5. ​Offer you the most cost effective plan for your pets health according to your budget.

As a family practice, we have been providing veterinary care for over five decades, but we are constantly progressing and keeping up to date with new techniques and treatments.

We are very proud of our veterinary team, most of whom have been working with us for many years. Everyone of us understands and appreciates the love that you have for your pets.

We are very honored to be trusted by you to provide your pet with the best possible veterinary advice and care.

We look forward to meeting you soon.