Harvest Mite Alert

We are seeing a huge increase in harvest mite infestations in the last few weeks with the good weather. These tiny mites affect the feet and parts of the body closest to the ground. They cause intense irritation and can break your pets skin causing skin infections. Some pets lick and chew at their feet or groom excessively.

Cutest Kitten for Rehoming !!!!!!!

Socks, our 3 month old pet, is a full time resident in Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital. He is so cute, and friendly, but now ready to find his new home. Anyone looking for a fun companion, but so gentle and sociable, would simply fall in love with him. Socks loves attention and loves to play, yet he can amuse himself til no end!

Summer Sale!

Flea infestations occur all year round. They deposit their eggs, not only on pets' coats, but are also commonly found on couches, carpets, hair brushes and bedding. This is why occasional treatments are ineffective. Monthly treatments protect your pet and your home year round.

Dog Grooming in Dunboyne

You can now get your pet groomed in Dunboyne Veterinary Hospital. This involves a hair-cut, wash and blow dry, nail clip, ears cleaned, anal glands cleaned, and a basic Veterinary health check with our Vets, Sara & Charles. We also offer discounts on treatments from the Vet. To book, you can phone Dunboyne Veterinary Hospital on (01) 8251125.

Irish Veterinary Nurse of the Year!

Huge Congratulations to Vera in Sandyford, for winning the IVNA Nurse of the year! Vera has been working in Sandyford since we opened in 2006. Through her sheer dedication, and genuine passion for the welfare of all her patients and pets, Vera has shown to be a wonderful Veterinary Nurse and team member. Sandy and Rosie will be so proud!