Two cats for rehoming

Cassy-female, 9yrs 8mths old, neutered- Loves attention, calm, collected,gentle and would give anything for just one more rub use to kids and our dog.

Darcy - female, 6yrs old, neutered -Loves outdoors, full of energy always out and about.

If it's possible to keep them together that will be great, but they should be fine separately too.

Cassy -Particularly loves indoors but the cats have both been kept outdoors due to the children's allergies.  They have their own cosy little cat-houses each, which we would gladly give with them to make the transition easier.

A very bad pain in the bum!

Here is an X Ray of a dog, Pete, with two dislocated hips. This is a very pain full condition that made walking for Pete very difficult. This has resulted from having hip dysplasia (HD) in both hip joints. HD is where the socket of the hip joint develops abnormally and is not deep enough for the ball of the hip joint.