Top tips for Winter

winter top tips


Here are 5 top tips to help your pet over the coming months.

1. Keep your pet warm and dry. After your dogs walk or if your cat has been out hunting, be sure to dry them off using an old towel. This will help reduce matting of the fur and skin irritations.

2. If your pet lives outside. Be sure to provide your pet with a winter shelter, this is a raised, covered house or shed which provides a warm dry environment for them to escape the weather. be sure their food and water is also placed in here so they do not have to go out in the rain to eat or drink.

3. Anti-freeze is poisonous to cats and dogs so keep all chemicals safely stored away from your pets. be prepared for those windy nights when something can get knocked off the shelf!!

4. Give your pet extra warmth by buying them a little waterproof rain coat. this helps keep the worst of the rain off their back and doesn't allow the rain to soak in to the skin.

5. Check your car engine for cats or small critters. give a knock on the bonnet shout as you open your car door this will help awaken any sleeping fury friends and allow them escape before you start your engine.

Don't forget we have a full 24 hour emergency service so we are always there to help if your pet needs an unexpected visit to the vet.