Top Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas for your Pet

Christmas is a time for giving to the ones we love. It is about spending time with friends and family and enjoying the party season. We must also remember our four legged friends over this festive period!

Here are 10 top tips to help your pet have a stress-free Christmas:

  1. When putting up the Christmas tree remember to put it in a safe place. Not somewhere your fury friend is going to get there chompers onto those electrical wires. 
  2. Thinking about buying a present for your dog? REMEMBER chocolate is very poisonous for your pet, keep the treats to fish / meat based products to reduce the risk of stomach upsets over the Christmas period.
  3. Christmas can be a stressful time for your pet. With family and friends calling, loud noises and sometimes fireworks. Think about speaking to your vet / nurse about a DAP or Kalm aid for your pet to help reduce there fears and stress. 
  4. There is always LOADS of presents under the tree leading up to Christmas, Be sure to leave food / treats wrapped up high NOT left under the tree for an inquisitive pet to get their noses on. 
  5. Keep an eye out for Baubles missing of the tree, to us they look pretty and sparkle with the Christmas tree lights. To your pet they look like a fun treat that was put up high to make it a challenge to get to. They can cause a serious gastroenteritis upset for your pet, or they may perforate the bowel which can be fatal
  6. Mince pies may be a delicious Christmas treat for us but grapes & raisins are poisonous to our pets don't leave them unattended on the counters or coffee tables as they could be dangerous to your pets health. remember that means no Christmas Cake or Christmas Pudding either!! 
  7. Our cats love climbing the trees outside so remember although the Christmas tree looks different to us it looks no different to their favorite tree in the garden. take care in not leaving your cat alone with the Christmas tree as your fury friend might try climb it. 
  8. On Christmas eve remember when leaving out that glass of Milk for Santa that our fury friends are lactose intolerant so be sure to leave it out of a noses reach poor Santa doesn't want to come to find an empty glass of milk and a sick pet!!
  9. On Christmas morning after we tear open our presents keep an eye out for any small bits that may get licked up by a slobbering tongue. Also keep an eye out for those lovely shiny bows from the tops of the presents they look like very interesting chew toys to our fury friends.
  10.  The Turkey has been served and it tastes great, but who left the left overs un attended in the kitchen?? Turkey bones are easily splintered and can be swallowed. Be sure to keep them well out of reach of cheeky curious friends. a splinter of a bone or a full bone is Fatal to your dog or cat. it can cause a blockage in the bowel so always keep the turkey out of reach. When it comes to leftovers check carefully for bones and only give small amounts, this can lead to a not so nice suprise on St Stevens Day. 

If you have an hassles over the Christmas period we have a full 24hour service so please pick up the phone night or day our vets are there to help. 

Merry Christmas Everyone