Tips for keeping your pets cool this summer

With the wonderful Warm weather we have been having here is a few pointers when bringing your pet out and about.

Ten rules for dogs in hot weather.

1. Never ever leave your dog alone in the car.

2. Be very aware of keeping your dog cool when on journeys in the car. e.g. Try leave a window open for fresh air and try to stop regularly to check your animal properly on longer journeys

3. Always ensure a plentiful supply of drinking water. Portable drinking bottles are available in most vets

4. Never EVER leave a dog in a sunny place with no shade.

5. Give long haired dogs a short clip coming into the summer months to prepare for the warmer weather.

6. Exercise the dog out of the peak sun times (12 -3). 

7. Take your dog for a cool swim on the beach rather than a long walk.

8. Apply factor 50 to your pets belly, tips of ears and nose to prevent sunburn.

9. Give the meals at the cooler times of the day e.g. morning and evening.

10. Carry water with you when out on hot days, and give your dog frequent small amounts of water to prevent dehydration

For anymore information on Tips for keeping your pet cool in the Rare hot irish summer days call your local Active Vetcare Branch and talk to our nurses.