September 2015 is Vaccination Amnesty Month!

Has your pet had their annual health check? Have they run overdue on their annual vaccinations?

Immunity from their primary vaccinations ( these are the ones we give them when they are puppies and kittens) does not las tfor life, we  need to give them an annual booster vaccination to maintain protection of your pet. This also includes an Annual Health Assessment where we can examine your pets eyes, ears, nose, coat, teeth, gums, heart + lungs, joints, weight + nails, and examine for any lumps and bumps. 

For the month of Septemeber 2015 if your pet has run overdue on their vaccinations we are offering them to restart their vaccinations for the price of an annual booster!! Thats 2 vaccines (2-3weeks apart) for only the price of 1 Annual Booster. 

We are also offering all Canine Cough Vaccines done with an annual booster for only €15!! 

To book your pet in to restart their vaccines call your local Active Vetcare Branch.