New law on Microchipping.

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Did you know that as of the 31st of March 2016 it will be compulsory for all dogs in to be Microchipped?

As a dog owner there are a few things you need to know about the new legislation. 

1. Your dog MUST be microchipped and register on a government approved database such as by 31st March 2016

2. You must have a certificate from a government approved database to prove your dog is microchipped and registered on that database. 

3. You must keep your contact dertails up to date. Any changes of ownershipor of contat detils such as changes in address or phone numbers must be notified to the database. 

4. From the 1st of September ALL puppies must be registered with a government approved database by the time they reach 12 weeks of age or before they are removed from their birth home. 

5. it is illegal to buy or take a puppy that is not microchipped and registered on a government approved database, and that does not have a certificate to prove this. 

6. You must inform a government approved database when you buy, sell or take ownership of a dog. 

If you have any questions about these new laws please do not hesitate to call into you local Active Vetcare branch and speak to our team of Nurses.