Is your pet terrified of fireworks?

Sudden loud noises are a common source of stress for our pets. Animals cant tell us how they are coping with such stressful events such as unexpected noises, but they can let us know by changing their behaviour. Examples of this include attempts to escape, vocalisation, hiding, soiling the house and seeking comfort from their owners. These fear do not get better on their own, in fact they tend to get worse with each exposure to the noise.

Every year we are in inundated with requests for help with very stressed out pets and also with injured pets that try to escape from the noise of fireworks. We hope this inovation and a first for Ireland, where these tracks are free to download will help pets and their owners over this period. 

The downloads below aim to desensitise your pets to the noise of fireworks. By playing these tracks over a period of time, your pet will be become more comfortable with the noises and be able to cope with them better. Listen to the 'Instruction' track first and then follow through with the rest of the tracks as appropriate. 

Densensitisation is proven to help many pets with sound related problems, by teaching them a different behaviour in response to the sound. This involves exposing your pet to the stressful sound in a controlled manner while they are relaxed and occupied with a treat or toy. For this program to be successful, your pet must always be comfortable with the volume. We are aiming to avoid any reaction to the sounds. If they remain calm to this process they should be rewarded with treats, praising or stroking. However, if they react to sounds, this behaviour must be ignored. Any reaction by you, will encourage them to react to the sounds. 

We have a number of non prescription products that help keep your pet calm over this period and will work very well with this desensitisation program.  Zylkene is one of these products. It is best used in combination with this program for optimal effects.  Zylkène is a natural product, clinically proven to help dogs and cats manage stress and facilitate adaptation to change. Many common situations and events can be stressful and many pets find change, however small, difficult to cope with. 

Listen to the files below by clicking on the play button or download the files for free by clicking on the downward arrow (under info) on the right hand side of each media player