Five top tips why you should neuter your pet

 Did you know Neutered Cats will live 3 – 5 years longer than Non – Neutered Cats?


Neutering is the kindest most repsonible choice for your pet.


Here are 5 Top Reasons why to neuter your pet:


This Prevents any unwanted kittens or puppies, did you know thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are put to sleep every year?

It reduces the risk of serious illnesses such as Womb infections, Mammary cancers, Testicular cancersand some prostate problems.

Neutering will make your pet less prone to developing behaviour like agression or spraying.

Your male pet will be less likely to wander off during breeding season. For your female pet it will mean a cleaner home as sometimes a bloody discharge is screted during heat.

A neutered pet is a better pet for your family.