Fear of Fireworks??

Has your pet got the Firework Fear?? 

A fear of Fire works is a very common problem in many Irish homes. 
There is plenty you can do to reduce the risk of your pet becoming anxious. 
Here are a few tips we would recommend coming into Firework Season:

  • Prepare your pet BEFORE the event, use desensitization technique by using cds or sounds which replicate fireworks, this will help them stay calm for the event. 

  1. Confine your pet to the house in the week leading up to the event, prepare them a "safe" hiding place to go to when the Fireworks go off. encourage them to go into this hiding spot by placing treats or food in there.

  2. Leading up to the event use a DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) plug or a Feliway plug in for cats. This is a plug in which is available in your local Veterinary Clinic which releases a Pheromone which calms your pet during stressful situations.

  3. There are plenty of Neutraceutical products also available such as Kalm Aid or Zylkene. These Products are available to Calm your pet during the Stressful time of firework season

  4. On the day of the event you must close all the doors, windows and Curtains. Put on the radio or tv and stay with your pet. Try and play with your pet to distract them from the noise. Ignore fearful behavior DO NOT fuss or reassure your pet when it is scared as this is rewarding this type of behavior. 

  5. It is important not to forget those pets which live outside, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. if it is possible move them into the house or shed or garage and ensure they have somewhere to hide away.

  6. For anymore advice or further information on helping your pet with Firework Fear please contact any of our branches and talk to our team of vets and Nurses