Cat Boarding Now In Dunboyne

Brand New Cat Boarding At Dunboyne Vets.

We have built 12 new cat kennels to take care of your feline friend while you are away from home. These spacious kennels are bright and airy which allows your pet to move around and jump to each of the different levels. Following extensive research in to what makes cats feel comfortable and stress free when away from home, we have built the Cattery with a natural wood feel. This creates a calming environment while still being able to maintain our high standards of hygiene. 

The Cattery is upstairs away from the regular activity of the hospital so all our cat residents have plenty of peace and quiet to chill out as all cats love to do. As cat lovers and cat owners ourselves, we know the concerns you would have when leaving your cats while you are on holidays. We understand what cats need and that every cat is different, so we are always conscious and aware of making every cat as happy as possible. The Cattery is staffed with Vet Nurses and our Vets are only a room away so your cats health and care is always priority with us. 

Please feel free to call in any time and visit our Cattery and see for yourself. We will be delighted to show you around.