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Approved Premises by the Veterinary Council of Ireland

All of our premises are approved by the Veterinary Council of Ireland and adhere to the highest of standards for Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery. Despite meeting these standards, we constantly strive to exceed them through training and constant re-investment in our surgeries. We regularly visit International Centres of Excellence to observe and study the modern advances in Veterinary medicine and surgery and bring this home to our clients. We never stop trying to provide the highest level of pet care and client service possible.

Charles & Julianne Cosgrave

Diagnostic Facilities

Our in-house diagnostic facilities, are of a very high standard, and ensure a fast, efficient result when needed.

These facilities include:

  • Haematology and Biochemistry Blood Test Analysers, which allow us to run multiple and vast blood profiles of our patients, with a rapid turnaround of results.
  • Microscopy- We regularly take skin scrapes, hair plucks, blood and vaginal smears and fluid samples, for in-house analysis. This allows us to make a definitve diagnosis, followed by prompt treatment.
  • X-ray and Ultrasound- These resources are an invaluable and essential asset to any Small Animal
  • Practice. The benefits of having this technology available to your pet, allow proficient diagnoses of many conditions.
  • ECG - In the event of your pet having a suspect heart condition, we can do an ECG which can check the activity of the heart with out involving any sedation or anaesthetic. This can be done in conjunction with Cardiac Echocardiography. 

We also avail of services of a top European Pathology Laboratory, with the access to various recognised specialists.

Consulting Clinics

We have consultations available all through out thee day, Mon-Fri, in all of our surgeries. There are also Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday clinics, ensuring that our services are available to you every day of the week.

We employ the highest quality of human grade gaseous anaesthetic agents. All of our surgical procedures are monitored

 thoroughly by our highly trained staff, and extensive monitoring equipment. Each and every patient is assessed prior to undergoing surgery and the respective anaesthetic agents are chosen accordingly.

Emergency Service

The provision of a 24-hour Emergency Service, gives you the peace of mind, that there is always a Veterinary Surgeon available for your pet. We are part of the Dublin Pet Emergency Hospital, which is open after-hours, right throughout the night and weekends, with a dedicated overnight staff.

No anaesthetic is considered routine

We operate our dedicated surgical theatres with the highest standards of hygiene and sterility. Each of our surgery patients undergo a Pre-Anesthetic Health Check with the Vet, followed by blood biochemistry to ensure that they are fit for anesthetic, and that the appropriate anesthetic agents are chosen. 

Our Human Grade Gas Anesthesia allows for a safe and quick recovery from surgery. All anesthetics are monitored by our Veterinary Nurses. Following the surgery, our patients are monitored regularly while they recover, and are mostly discharged on the same day with appropriate medicines.

Pet Passports

If you are thinking of taking your pet on holidays with you to Europe or beyond, we can help you obtain a passport. This involves your pet getting a Complete Health Check, Microchip, Rabies vaccination,  Blood test to show the vaccination has worked and then the passport itself. Contact us for more precise details on how and when to do this if you intend on travelling.